Thursday, January 25, 2018

Days at home enjoying our summer babe

Monday, January 22, 2018

You are continuing to get more alert each day

You love a head massage

You have a strong neck that you like to throw off our chests

When you cry you have a little snort

You weigh 3.4kg so we are very much trying to fatten you up a little

You immediately settle snuggled into our chest

Your legs are still very much curled up like you're in the womb

Dad gives you a bath each night. You stretch out and often fall asleep

Your eye lock ours when we talk to you

Dad's had this whole month off and we ave loved taking you to the beach each morning and watching
the cricket each afternoon

Friday, January 5, 2018

Advice leaving the hospital from a midwife ... 

"Be kind to yourself. Motherhood is the hardest thing you'll ever do."

Our first two weeks at home, as parents to Will.

Feeding through the night. Watching the light wake and pour into the house.
High and heavy emotions in the afternoon.
Constant dreams of you, delirious sleep walking, adjusting to my milk.
Night time bottle with Dad.
Each morning a load of washing, little outfits and milk covered wraps, drying quickly in the sun.
Not latching every time ... yet ... progress each day as you learns and I learn.
Feeding then pumping. Propping you up in your basket to be lulled to sleep by the pump.
Dad calling you his 'beautiful boy'.
Rusty's curious sniffs of your toes, head and bassinet.
All your energy going into growing, daily becoming more alert for longer.
Reading books on the floor of your bedroom - you seem to like looking at the tree outside.
Dark mysterious eyes that lock with ours when we speak.
You bleet like a little lamb when you're stripped naked for a nappy change.
You love to be upright on our chests.
Furry little arms and shoulders.
Sweet smell of a newborn and nuzzling your fuzzy head.
The way you fold and tuck your hands up under your chin when you feed from the bottle.
You loved your first bath - stretched out long and floating away, safe in Dad's arms.
Permanent little wrinkles on your forehead.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A quiet NewYear's Eve in, soaking up our beautiful boy Will ... and discussing our 'best of'

Road trips - Augusta with Brad, Nerida and Harriet, Albany with Dannii and Jim, Denmark with the Stone's and Crabtrees
Best trip - Rottnest with James and Sofie
Best beach - Rottnest, last day
Best day - The day we found out we were pregnant ... then hearing that heart beat at 8 weeks ...
Best pub - Rottnest Island Pub, Augusta Tavern
Best meal - Todd's smoked jerk chicken on the Weber, Wedding anniversary Indian dinner in Northbridge
Best vista - Bald Head hike in Albany
Most "chuffed" moment - Having a natural birth!!, seeing Bruce on stage, starting a floristry business
Best party - James and Sofie's wedding
Biggest celebration - Wedding (James and Sofie), Engagement (Claire and Paul) and Baby (us!) all in a week
Most relaxed moment - Being in the birthing suite for a few hours, sun coming in, just us and baby Will
Best songs - 'The Eye' Brandi Carlile, 'Four Years of Chances' Margo Price, 'Harlem River Blues' Justin Townes Earle, 'Golden' Kingswood, 'Duckworth' Kendrick Lamar
Most listened to - Tex, Don and Charlie, Margo Price, Chris Stapleton, Waylon Jennings,
Best concert - Explosions in the Sky, Bruce Springsteen, Asegir
Best bushwalk - Bald Head hike in Albany with Dannii and Jim
Best book - The First Six Weeks
Best tv series - The Good Place
Best drink - Sharing a bottle of red wine while watching Explosions in the Sky perform
Biggest purchase - Car
Biggest home improvement - Laundry, Verge, Kitchen cooker and range hood