Thursday, March 12, 2015

We travelled over to Melbourne to celebrate Chris's and uncle Graeme's joint birthdays! An important one for Chris ... 30 years old!
We surprised him with a tour of the Cole Clarke factory and a beautiful guitar to select and take home... they still make the guitars completely by hand.
We shared a place in Kensington with Mum and Dad and Mandy and Graeme. Phil and Carlo drove down from Sydney with lil' Macario. So nice getting to see him twice this year! He's growing like the clappers!
Loved seeing the life Chris and Taryn are creating over there and their gorgeous house!
Was such a good long weekend!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My first road trip north in January!
Close friends have moved to Port Headland and Carnarvon so we made the journey to Carnarvon for a bit of a holiday ... post christmas celebration.

We stopped through on so many legs to visit friends.

Watheroo with Phil and his brother Serge ... we ate paella under the stars and I shot a gun for the first time! Got the beer bottle clean off the fence! Boom!

Through Three Springs to see Jack .. Todd's hilarious grandpa who's still got wit to boot

Up to Geraldton to stay with Ryan and Chelsea and see their new place. I ate crayfish for the first time ... pickled with chillis and onion and then barbequed with butter and garlic. So delicious!

Out to Walkaway to stay with Amy's folks in their farm. The sunset over the hills was so beautiful. A real, true dusk.

On to Monkey Mia where we stayed for a night at the resort. It was beautiful ... right on the water. When we woke up in the morning I saw a dolphin swimming across the bay ready for the feedings.

A big drive from there to Carnarvon the next day where we stayed put at Luke and Vanessa's for four nights.
Todd and I went mango hunting and pulled up trumps.
 Visit to the blow holes for some snorkeling, meals in, a pub visit and lots of laughs.

A really great way to start 2015.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Two of my three fabulous bridesmaids ... and Peggy the puppy.
So lucky to have Rachel and Jake in town for new years eve and to be able to hang out all together.
I can't believe we saw the sun come up! Haven't done that in years.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This was so fun to make! A collage of our year that we had! So many big moments ... a really exciting year.

top left: 
Brad and Nerida's wedding in March, down south

top middle: 
A beautiful sunset over our new local beach, South Beach. It has been so good living ten minutes from the water.

top right:
Luke and Vanessa's beautiful wedding in October. What a wedding .. what a pair ... 

middle left/middle middle:
A photo at Sugarloaf Rock my good friend Steph took down south the day after Todd proposed
middle right:
Meeting my little cousin Macario in Sydney for the first time. A great trip with Mum in January.

bottom left:
Painting our house over the easter break. Aubergine and mushroom coloured walls coated with layers of white! So lucky to have families who pitched in. Lots of little hot cross buns toasted and little chocolate eggs floating around that weekend.
bottom middle:
Todd heading out for a coffee for one of the first times after his hip surgery! Handled it like a trouper.

bottom right:
Dance floor that kicked on well into the am at Mum and Dad's house to celebrate our engagement.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A weekend away down south for a week between christmas and the new year.
It was so nice having both families together ... there was a lot of relaxing and eating.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas dinner with the Rich side ... at Mandy and Graeme's house ... perfect weather to sit outside

A beautiful, still christmas morning at South Beach!