Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Some more summer moments ..

Late evenings at the beach watching the sunset. Often with a bushfire the sunsets are even more spectacular. Very bittersweet.

Rusty had his operation ... and nearly drove us mad with the bucket on his head for two whole weeks.

Brunch on the weekend with the Balfours, watching basketball and using our new buffet.

Linen napkins from the wedding all freshly washed and pressed and sent out to special people who helped with the wedding day.

"The pines" ... a local park we visit that Rusty loves.

Water after the beach .. what a spoilt dog!!

Writing thank you cards with fresh coffee.

Monday, January 25, 2016

A very spontaneous long weekend down in Denmark - and a new car to test out! Bit of a whirlwind getting it all happening but we got there and hit the road early Saturday morning. We are so lucky to have friends scattered all about the south and north west, willing to let us stay at their places.
Alana invited us to her parents house in Denmark and we jumped at the offer.
The cloudy skies cleared each afternoon and we visited Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks, Conspicuous Cliffs and West Cape Howe. Such a green and peaceful part of the world.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A trip away down south in January as we usually do. This time poor Jo was sick so her and Ash couldn't make it. Brad, Nerida, Todd and I enjoyed a few nights right on the water in Dunsborough. Learning what it's like to go away with two dogs who dont reaaally get along and facing a dog beach!

Beautiful mornings walking on the sandbar, Nerida carrying our little neice or nephew and realising this will probably be our last trip away as just a four!

Weather turned towards the end of the weekend which made for some windy walking at Rabbits.

Friday, January 1, 2016

New years day at Leighton beach ... cracking weather!
Bradburns are back in town for good (and to welcome their little baby!)
Lazy mornings out the front in the hammock enjoying the cool breeze.
Breweing up coffee in the Chemex, Celtics on and Todd cooking up breakfast for me. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nine of my favourite shots from 2015. A busy, vibrant and wonderful year.

We celebrated others engagements and weddings, had a new little addition Rusty arrive, celebrated Todd turning thirty, honeymooned, travelled to Europe with the Stokes family and road travelled north. But most importantly, we got married. We started our lives as a new family, together. The two of us. Surrounded by all our favourite people we said our 'I do's' in what really was the most perfect day. I can't wait to keep building this beautiful life together.

A spirited little red dog entered our world and we called him Rusty.

A beautiful spot we discovered just down from our honeymoon cabin in Walpole. 

Todd's thirtieth birthday. Friends and family at Little Creatures and a surprise Bruce Springsteen cake with sparklers.

Beautiful blue skies in Venice.

Our wedding day - 14.11.15.

Hiking along the caldera in Santorini.

The Valley of the Giants tree top walk on our honeymoon.

An emu walking across the road on our trip up north in January.

Celebrating our first wedding as husband and wife at Krissie and Nige's beautiful nuptials!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Some moments from our christmas celebrations for 2015.
Such a busy time with our own wedding, then the Grech/Broomham wedding and the Harford/Balfour wedding.
We had a dinner party at our place with all the usual culprits ... three different types of tacos! Chris was in town and there which was so nice.
We celebrated christmas day at the Rich's ... I made a video for the first time and set it to Lovely Day by Bill Withers. Might be a new tradition I think!
We then celebrated boxing day evening with Todd's parents, Brad and Nerida were up in Jurien. It was nice to lay the table with gifts from our wedding.

New Years Eve was at our house with the Bradburns and Vandeleurs. Crazy to think two years prior we were pissing it up at Clarences in Mt Lawley, one married, one engaged, one dating.
Now it's one married, one pregnant, one baby - beautiful Evelyn!

Monday, November 16, 2015

We decided to stay down south for our honeymoon rather than venture to another country.
Turns out, a wicked decision.

A lot of our family and friends stayed for a few extra nights after the wedding - a big part of why we wanted a wedding down south. It was so nice to be able to continue catching up with people and celebrating. The day after the wedding we had a lunch at Eagle Bay Brewery and then finished the night off on the roof top of the apartment a group of our friends were staying in. The night after the wedding was almost as much fun as the wedding. Retelling stories and reliving moments.

 Our little cabin was off Wildwood Rd and the deck opened out over a beautiful valley. It was the perfect little place for us to escape and still be close to town. I remember the morning we woke up to a huge herd of sheep walking past our deck.
We opened cards and presents on the balcony with a cup of tea.
We had a beautiful lunch with Mum, Dad, Kevin and Michelle at Arimia, coffee with Brodie and Kav at The Cure, game of kubb with the Bradburns at Injidup and checking out the 'fizz' at champagne pools at sunset.

We ventured down to Walpole after everyone had packed up and headed home. Nice to hit the road and head further south. Todd had booked a cabin in this secluded part of the forrest quite close to Circular Pool. Once we'd put our stuff inside we went for a walk down to the river's edge. The bush opened out to this beautiful rock pool. It as so nice to stop, breathe and watch the changing light.
The next morning we packed up a little basket with a blanket, coffee, jam toast, bananas, cherries and headed down to the same spot.

That day we went and had a look at Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks. Todd had never been and I had such fond memories of them as a kid. It was a really windy and cool day but still spectacular none the less. We had the most beautiful dinner at a restaurant called Salt and Pepper, looking out over the trees and watching the sky change colour. You always know you're on holidays when you have time to watch the sky change.

Brodie had organised for our wedding present to be a 'float'. Amazing experience in a pod filled with 500kg of epsom salts. You literally float in what is described as sensory deprivation. No sound, no light and the water heated to your body temperature.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast a little way out of Denmark, up the hill. It was really lovely being up so high and staying out of the town .. a part I'd never been to before. We explored Lights Beach and made our way up a track to Monkey Rock. Making our way home from Denmark we dropped into our friends farm, the Stone's, in Kojonup.

Even though it was only a week away it was definitely nice to feel ourselves slowly unwind and enjoy in the photos and messages we were still receiving.