Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Todd and I have been thinking a lot about minimalism lately. What's really important in our lives. Is it things? Or is it experiences and time spent with people?
Spending my break decluttering, sorting and considering all our possessions that we've come to collect over the years. My resolution last year was to purchase thoughtfully. Use up what we already have before buying new and enjoying what we have. I really want to keep that as a constant resolution.

One of my goals for a while now has been to organise our photos. We both get so much joy from photos and I particular love the memory keeping aspect of how it can transport you back in time. For months now I've been sorting, organising, key tagging my photos in lightroom and slowly finding a rhythm that means our thousands of photos are actually accessible.

Today I was uploading all our film shots. Saving them as digital files.

These few images instantly took me back. Our first Europe trip together in 2012. Todd had spent three months travelling through America and we met up in Barcelona. We travelled through Spain, Berlin and Austria.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

These teeny tiny succulent flowers have had me smiling this week every time I walk up or down our stairs

Friday, January 6, 2017

Another short little trip down south for Dannii and Jim's wedding. It's been so nice slowing down, relaxing, hanging out with Nerida and Harriet and enjoying the sun that's finally come peeking out!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

We peeled back the covers in the early hours of Thursday morning to make our way over to Jo and Ash's place. Finding Ash out the front already rigging up crab pots, we hopped in the car and drove down to the river. In the glassy waters of Point Walter, with the sky waking up we set off around the bend on the hunt for crabs.  Toddy packed a hot coffee which we enjoyed as we waited to pull the first set of pots up. A successful morning with six sizeable crabs pulled from the Swan. Todd declared them as the 'six unluckiest crabs in the Swan'

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A lot of time in the ocean over the Christmas and New Year break.
Washing away the last year and it's struggles and welcoming a fresh start.

Taking time to set new, simple intentions for the year ahead.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

On our drive down south we chatted about the year we've had. Our silver linings.
 In no particular order, here is what we discussed:

Road trips - Denmark, Dunsborough, Bremer Bay, Exmouth
Best trip - Exmouth, Kojonup/Bremer Bay
Best beach - Sandy Bay, Exmouth
Best day - Out on the whale shark tour
Best pub - Bremer Bay tavern playing kubb, The Local
Best meal - Exmouth seafood, after whale sharks
Best vista - wine and cheese at Singlefile in Denmark
Most "chuffed" moment - Becoming Aunt and Uncle to Harriet, Being Beth's god parents
Best party - our annual Christmas party
Biggest celebration - James and Sofie getting engaged
Most relaxed moment - weekend down south watching Stranger Things with Brad and Nerida
Best audio book - Breath, Tim Winton
Best songs - Kansas City, The New Basement Tapes;  Muchacho, Kings of Leon; Alaska, Maggie Rogers; Traveller, Chris Stapelton
Most listened to - Nick Cave, Kill Devil Hills
Best concert - Gillian Welch, Julien Baker
Best bushwalk - Bluff Knoll with Kent and Claire
Best movie - Sicario
Best tv series - The Night Of
Best drink - Red wine by the fire with Phil
Biggest purchase - Car
Biggest home improvement - Study book shelves, painting the kitchen

Moments to remember from 2016 ...

Lazy summer afternoons in the hammock
Walks down by Attadale Reserve
Annual trip in January to Dunsborough
Brad, Nerida (+ neice!), Todd and dogs walking on the sandbar one morning
Elephant Rocks in Denmark
Conspicuous Cliffs in Denmark
Our local beach, swim with the newly arrived Bradburns
Bethany June was born
Incredible hike up  Bluff Knoll with the Stones
Picking wildflowers on the Crabtree property, Bremer Bay
Checking out the surf with Brett, Todd and Alfie
Soaking up the local beach, bit cold for a dip
Amazing granite formations
Hammock mornings with Rusty butting in
Classic Rusty making us laugh
Renovating the kitchen over the Easter long weekend
Harriet Rose, our niece was born!
Rusty turns one
Lamb season at Phil's new property
Kennedy Ranges - a day of hiking in this incredible range
Whale shark high! What a day!
Soaking up the sunset after a day of whale sharks, turtles, sharks, humpbacks and manta rays
Beach one way, ranges the other. Incedible Exmouth
Sandy Beach, best beach of the year
Private sunsets at deserted beaches
Hike in Shothole Canyon
Bradburns move to Willagee
Girls trip down south
Many, many 30ths celebrated
Brodie and I sharing a laugh over her birthday celebrations
James and Sofie's Western engagement party
Harriet at Christmas time