Sunday, September 17, 2017

A beautiful day out in the hills celebrating Fathers Day at Bells Rapids. We packed up a picnic and took the dogs out. Huge crowds around but we still managed to find a nice little area to sit amongst all the flowering wattle.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

watching: gourmet farmer, river cottage australia re-runs, love island 

sipping: filter decaf coffee, fresh orange juice from our tree

baking: cardamon cookies, seeded garlic crackers

craving: cheese, sun on my skin, bare feet, dresses 

cooking: burrito bowls, soups to use up old veggies 

organising: the baby's room! 

loving: spring is in the air!, seeing Todd's face when he feels the baby kick, slow weekends with no plans at all, nights out to dinner with friends  

planting: the verge with new natives ready for spring 

picking: lemons, kale

diffusing: theives to kick the last of those winter bugs, citrus fresh

learning: about birth 

noticing: all of the blossoms on the trees ... our ornamental plum out the front and the fruit trees 

looking forward to: rottnest and down south trips

dreaming/wondering: how different will our lives look a year from now? 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Just one of my favourite days ever.

We woke early to find out I was pregnant. Months, years of heart ache, set backs, new doctors and diagnosis's, surgeries and then suddenly there it was. The news we'd been hoping for and working towards.

By chance Nerida had asked us to help out on that particular day with a photoshoot to use her new lens and help promote her gorgeous little business down south.

Who knew that these photos would become so meaningful! Keeping our secret close for the next four weeks, I can see the happiness in our body language and faces as we soaked up the love and luck we were feeling!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Halfway this weekend to meeting this little babe growing away!

Friday night was a special one - lying in bed, Todd was able to feel the first thumps of a kick.
One day before our big scan where they said the baby was growing well.
Just in time for some sunshine, coffee, new pictures and just a whole lot of lovely feelings.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Making a more conscious effort to jot down the little things happening ...

watching: the americans, friends re runs, masterchef 

crafting: mum's made three beautiful knitted jumpers for this little one

sipping: filter decaf coffee, ginger tea

baking: lemon polenta syrup cake, banana bread with fresh blueberries

craving: sun on my skin, homemade sushi and rice paper rolls 

cooking: chickpea, leek and potato soup, anything with garlic and chilli flakes 

organising: the spare bedroom drawers and shelves

loving: slow weekends with no plans at all 

chopping: down the roses and the lemon tree - pruning for the new season

picking: oranges, lemons and parsley

wearing: beanies, raincoat, boots 

diffusing: tea tree, RC, lemon and peppermint to help with our head colds

learning: what do you really need to buy for a baby? 

remembering: to document this pregnancy and everything it means to me 

noticing: the days are getting just a little bit longer ... 

wanting: to return to our beach weekends and feel the warm sun again

looking forward to: our twenty week scan 

dreaming/wondering: who this little one? and what is he/she is going to be like?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Our wedding anniversary falls in a fairy busy month - November and just the other day Todd came home and told me to pack a small bag, we were celebrating early!
Celebrating in August, the month that he proposed, our nearly two years of marriage!
And gosh, I feel like we have so much to be grateful for and celebrate.

There was also a little package of 'cotton' - fitting for our second year -  some teeny little pants and a bib for bub.

We headed into Northbridge and spent an afternoon feet up enjoying the room. Todd nipped out to the cafe next door for tea, coffee and sweet treats.
We then headed out for a roof top drink before heading to an amazing Indian restaurant where I don't remember ever being so satisfied! Twice cooked, sticky and sweet lamb ribs, salty spicy squid, duck korma and fall apart pork. We sat at the bar and enjoyed the chatter surrounding us.

Afterwards we headed to Alabama Song where to Todds delight there were peanuts on the floor. Loved the atmosphere here as we sat back and enjoyed it start to fill up. Later a live band came through and the party was in full swing.

Morning meant the hunt for eggs somewhere on William St before we headed out to Guildford to celebrate Ash's birthday.

A perfect weekend feeling full of love and happiness!